Day 32 – 100 Posts Celebration!

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100 Posts Celebration!

Good Morning everyone! Today we have the 100 Blog Posts Celebration! This took me only 32 days of daily persistent blogging! This sends a message to everyone, and to my subconscious that l drive massive action and massive results. Despite l joined the 100 day blogging marathon challenge 32 days ago and l supposed to write 100 posts in 100 day, one post per day. To my surprise, l couldn’t wait 100 days to complete my challenge so l have done it today in only 32 days!

To learn more about the 100 day blogging marathon challenge, just see the video!


How to Make 100 Posts A Month?

The next questions is how to make 100 posts a month in my blog? l can’t even make a single blog post a day! Let me tell you something, by making a blog post a day, you will generate approximately 300 posts a year! If you make 100 posts per month, then you will generate approximately 1.200 posts a year! This means that you will have 400% more results in your blogging career.

My approach is to generate long term traffic to my blog. l sit down on my computer and studied more that 100 successful blogs in the mlm, affiliate and internet marketing industry. l anchored the most successful blogs. For instance David Woods blog, Ray Higdon, Rob Fore, Ann Siege etc. All of the most successful internet marketeers, who have their own affiliate programs. l found one thing in common: Quality and Quantity of Blog Posts! AHA! David Wood submitted more than 600 posts in his old blog site before he launched empower network! Now in his new blog has more than 225 posts! Ann siege has tipple number of posts, the same rule for the other successful internet marketer.

Ok, l got, so what to do next? How can l create this content for my blog?

First you must expose yourself to content. Read and listen. Be a successful student of other successful people you want to have the same results. You must read good content in order to create.You must watch many videos before you create you own. So start reading and expose yourself to good quality content. You should listen to webinar and join some good internet marketing programs.

Second, force yourself to write. You see as success brings success, blogging brings more blogging! Make this a habit. Blogging will improve your copywriting skills, you personal branding, your lead generation.Start by writing for whatever you love, whatever you know, your experiences. Then you will learn how to blog professionally.

Third, never quit! Today in day 32 of my blogging career, l have only 50 visits per day in my blogs only! But l have a target of at least 200 visits a day! l would feel more comfortable with 1000 visitors per day, but l will be alright with the 200 in the second month and 500 in the third month. l know l will do it. Traffic generation is a target you have, it doesn’t happen alone. l will create what l need to succeed with the means l have today! You see, some people start something and they quit! Are you a quitter? Quiting is a habit! Stop this self-destruction habit!

Fourth, keep going! Ray Higdon has more than 3.000 visitors per day in his blog! But he started from the same point with me and you back in 2010! In order a blog to have visitors per day, needs to start with no visitors per day at all! So keep going, blogging is a marathon!


 To learn more about the 100 day blogging marathon challenge, just see the video!

Five, The right Mindset. Many times l had found myself with too much work and no money. It is more important for success your mindset than everything else. You need posture! You need to understand traffic to drive traffic! You have to understand hard targeted work to work hard! It is not the situations and the economy that changes! It is not the horoscope! It’s you that will change to succeed!

Six, Vision! Do you know what is exactly what you want in life? Which is your vision for the future? Is it clear for you? Do you have a passion in life? Do you want to be something in life ? Are you a wussy or a hustler? Do something with your life, but have a vision first of where you want to go. Your vision is the map of the land of your dreams. Every time l would like to quit, l just looked on my vision board and l excited my heart! l lit my fire! Run to this marathon for life, for you with a vision!


To learn more about the 100 day blogging marathon challenge, just see the video!

Get up and start your own blog now!


To your success!



100 posts celebration

100 posts celebration

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100 posts celebration

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100 posts celebration

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