20 Most ParaMarketing Galleries

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Have you ever heard about ParaMarketing?

ParaMarketing simply is Paranormal Marketing. It’s quite similar to renegade or guerilla marketing and to how to do more with less. It’s also called minimalistic marketing or superstar marketing, or boomerang marketing. Is an advertising and promotion strategy in which low-cost unconventional means are utilized. The etymology of the word is from the greek Para which means the opposite the not to be and marketing.

The most powerful weapon in marketing is humor, or funny spot strategies that capture the attention and penetrate into the human subconscius! Here are some of the best ParaMarketing Strategies l found on the internet! Every AHA moment is a product of ParaMarketing!

ParaMarketing Galleries!




What is not ParaMarketing

Is not about cold calling leads, prospecting, interuptive marketing or television spots. It’s not about traditional media. It’s not about million dollars budget, it’s not about wussies!

To learn about ParaMarketing methods to build your business and join my inner circle just click here!

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20 most paramarketing galleries

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