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l am in network marketing. Have you ever tried to make 8 presentations in a day? Talk to 153 people on the phone? Prospect 7 people in one cafe while paying for your own money for everything? My coffee bills was starting to rocketing, in every coffee stop l had to speak or to prospect with someone, l left and 20 dollars in the next couple of hours. Think l had to do this twice or three times a day! You can not avoid to buy a coffee or a drink in your prospect. So l deeply understood that there would be another way easier or better to avoid the every day 50 dollar coffee bill!

As a matter of fact network marketing is a number business. In the 500 l talked to, l sponsored only 16! So , if l would like to bring momentum in my business and to make it work for me, l had to talk to a 1000 to sponsor 30 or 35, that is a rate of conversion of 3% that is quite high as they told me later. l had a high rate of success but my wallet couldn’t be aware of it! Then  lt was mid april l think, that l though of how to duplicate my personal effort to talk to a thousand people per month so to sponsor 30? And this would happen every month, with me or without me. l was fed up running from presentation to presentation, making miles with my car, emptying my phone’s battery, giving samples to the most unbelievable people, the most clueless that made the mistake to come across me. And then, l saw on online presentation of an upline diamond on YouTube. AHA! Why only him l thought? Why not me? l will make a cd of myself and l will pass it to the people. So l will not have to tell the plan again!!! Victory!

But, why to make cd copies in the time of internet? l would make my own presentation and put it online! So l did. It took me three months to do it. To make my first online video. l didn’t know anything of video marketing before, l didn’t know anything about personal branding. l have done more than five years of studies in business and marketing, doing many professionals presentations, but it was the first time for me. During this period of time, l past through several education boot camps, MyLeadSystem Pro, Brilliance Compensation with the very best Tim Sales, Empower Network, Coffee Millionaire System, Jonathan Budds educational program, Organo Gold University, Traffic Geyser Educational series, Click Bank education, Internet Marketing Academy educational videos, not to mention some. l passed three months of learning and l designed my blog from scratch. Two months ago l didn’t hear before in my whole life about WordPress! Now l could say that l am an intermediate to the expert level that l have goal for this month!


My Favourite Story

l would like to add that when Neil Armstrong went back to earth from the moon, in one of his many press releases he gave, the reporters that many times ask the most extraordinary things, asked him. Mr. Armstrong, when you were on the moon surface, you have oxygen for one or two hours. What would you do if the machine that would use to get you back to the ship would break down? They made this question bearing in mind that he would reply by saying that he would pray, he would write a poem on the moon sand or he would talk to his wife and children for the last time. But, Armstrong answered like that: If the machine would break down and l had only one or two hours oxygen for life… the thing l would do was to make the machine work!

This is my favourite story! If you are in a life threatening situation, if your machine is not working, make your machine to work!


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