Day 19 – How to attract web traffic throught the Threeway Copywriting Formula

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Hello Folks!, Day 19 today and my blog starts to generates me some new targeted web traffic! How are you today? l was making my reseacrh again today to understand what should l write about. Sometimes l follow my instict, l don’t know if you have ever heard the Delphi Method? This is the generic Delphi Method that can be implemented in every aspect of blogging. An outcome of the Delphi Method is the Delphi Keyword Method and The Deplhi Blogging Method we are going to analyze in a later post. Today we are going to use the Threeway Copywriting Formula to generate some web traffic that will end up in new leads and then in new repetitive ales!


Daily Blogging as the best strategy

So, to day l would like to emphasize on how to attract web traffic in our site. We are going to use our well known startegy of daily blogging. Firstly we cannot only based on advertising such as ppc or adwords or every other program. We cannot also rely on google search or other search engines to index us or to rank us so to have some good traffic in our site. We must have unique quality content on our site that the users will love it, will like it on facebook and tweet it or refer it to others. This is the attraction marketing says. many people are using accelrated tecniques, working with article spinners, social bookmarking, link exchanges, blind backlink creation and so forth. This is a short temr strategy.  Its a bit tricky but whether you don’t have an in depth site supported with high authority content, you will not stay on he rank for the long run. if you want ot start blogging for a purpose and you don’t know how, just start with empower network. Its just 25 dollars.

How do l create authority content?

1. By blogging every day. This will improve your copywriting skills and position you as a writter. How about article outsourcing? Later yes, but in the start you need to learn in order to produce.

2. Make your research. People are looking for keywords to discover a new loop hle, or a new market niche. Some of them spend a lot of time planning for success and analysis-paralysis makes their progress to stagnate. But what to do? Not to plan at all? No you need to spend some time planning by making your research. If you don’t know what to write, have no clue about your niche, then start researching some topics you love and pick one that you feel can write about and start blogging. If you blog for a week then you will work out which your niche is. Market research should be the one third of your overall blogging time.

Some tips about what traits should a good authority content have.

1. Should be unique. Avoid Pladgiarism with dual content.

2. Differantieted form the other content

3. Accurate and trustable

4. Is well written, has an insightful analysis and adds something new. Such as a new perspective to the topic, a new idea or combines something old with something new.

5. Good resources. As you can understand the best resources we have, the best content will derive from them.  You can simply find a successful writer and anchor him to start producing the same results. A very good resource site with high auhority content is wikipedia and ezinearticles.


The meanign of the high quality content is to stay on the longrun. Use longterm thinking and don’t pick only news alike topics or technological topics which will last only for 3 months. Keep in mind that maybe this article will still generate some leads after 5 or 10 years! There are many articles that are classical!


Nice to see you today! See tomorrow on day 20!





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day 19 how to attract web traffic

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