Day 26 – Do you have fast food financial planning?

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Hello folks! Do you have fast food financial planning? This phrase caught my attention when l read it on an article from Andrew J. Cass. It is not his phrase, it is from Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad series.

Who is Robert Kiyosaki?

Robert kiyosaki is a well-known author and economic leader and advisor that had two dads. One Rich. One Poor. The philosophy of Rich Dad was built from a simple lesson learned by Robert Kiyosaki at an early age. He had two dads, one rich and one poor.

Robert’s poor dad, his natural father, was highly educated, the head of the Hawaiian school system, and enjoyed a decent salary. Yet, he constantly complained about having being broke and continually said, “I can’t afford it.”

Robert’s rich dad, his best friend’s father, was a high-school dropout building a business. He wasn’t wealthy. Yet, he constantly enjoyed the finer things in life and always asked, “How can I afford it?”

Financial and Health Problems Common Point

When you look at the health problems of millions of people in America today, many are suffering because they are eating fast food that taste good, is extensively advertised, well packaged, and easy to buy.

Sound familiar?

I don’t think anyone would disagree that we have a health crisis in this country caused by too much fast food. Well, we now have an even bigger wealth crisis caused by too much fast food financial planning.


In this particular book, Rich dad Poor dad Robert Kiyosaki says:

“Any food or investment that is easy to buy, overly advertised, wrapped in convenient packages, with sales offices and sales people on every corner, is probably not good for you.”

He went on to say…

“Just as some of the best tasting, healthiest, and best value food I have found has been in tiny out of the way restaurants, some of the best investments I have found have been in tiny obscure places run by true artists and gifted geniuses…NOT big corporations.”

Do you agree with Mr. Kiyosaki? l personally agree with him 100%. When an investment goes popular then stops to be attractive, its automated and you can’t make any money.

You can be a successful professional, be an internet marketer and have your finances being like a fast food. Especially now in 2012 where we have too much information about everythingin  our hands. You can’t left behind.

By what investment opportunities does the online and internet business has to offer to you in 2012? And how someone can improve his financial position with an internet business blog?

Robert Kiyosaki says that the perfect business is to have an online network marketing business. This will bring you online passive income. As soon he recommends everyone of us to have 8 or 9 multiple streams of online income, then you need and an affiliate business to support the network marketing as well and to build synergies. According to Kiyosaki’s theory, a blogging internet business is a viable model and a vehicle for every new entrepreneur to reach his goals.

As soon as it doesn’t has the same running costs with an offline business, seems to be the perfect business.

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day 26 do you have fast food financial planning

day 26 do you have fast food financial planning

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day 26 do you have fast food financial planning

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day 26 do you have fast food financial planning

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