Day 33 – Free Traffic Is Really Free?

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Free Traffic Is Really Free?

Hello Folks! How are you today? l wake up very early today, here is 5 in the morning and after a sip of cold frappe coffee, l would like to share some thoughts that l have about traffic. As an economist, in fact l have and MBA and some other decorative Acronyms, l learned that there is no free lunch in the economy. Today l woul like to talk about traffic and free traffic. Is free traffic really free? One last concept that we learned in the business school is the transaction cost theory.   A transaction cost is a cost incurred in making an economic exchange or restated: the cost of participating in a market. Consider buying a loaf of bread from a bakery to purchase the bread, your costs will be not only the price of the bread itself, but also the energy and effort it requires to find out which of the various bakery products you prefer, where to get them and at what price. The cost of traveling from your house to the store and back, the time waiting in line, and the effort of the paying itself, the costs above and beyond the cost of the spatula are the transaction costs. When rationally evaluating a potential transaction, it is important to consider transaction costs that might prove significant.

In other words, there is no free traffic formula, for instance if you work your butts up to write 100 posts in order to create free traffic for your blog, who will pay you for the work you have done? The electricity power your computer consumed, the internet connection, etc. There is no free traffic and at this extend we have to measure everything in marketing, especially in internet marketing.


Amateur Vs Professional Approach to Free Traffic

An amateur always makes the mistake that he can succeed for free. He is binding himself in an always everything for free situation, free ebooks, free seminars, free trials, free gimme etc. This is the wrong mindset. Free traffic is a compelling sales title, a wonderful bait for every marketer, but lets’ face the truth. There is no free traffic. ANd l will prove it to you.

What is all about internet marketing?

Is about building a blog, driving traffic to the blog, for instance visitors and monetizing them. If we use paid traffic, google ppc, and we pay 2$ per click, how many visitors we need to break even? Do you know the value of a visitor in your site? How much does a visitor cost in your site? Let me tell you. If every customer buys from you 100$ and you have 10% conversion rate from leads to customers and 10% conversion rate from visitors to leads, and you pay 2$ per visit, then your customer value is 100$ and your visitors value is 2$! The average visitor value is a 2$ sales for you, so you can’t break even. You have to change some of the parameters, which are less cost per click bid, for instance 1.80$, higher conversion rate, more than 10% and higher average sales volume pers customer. Instead of buying 100$, they should buy 120$! Little small changes in your model will make huge differences in the profitability and viability of your blog and will make the difference between the amateur nad the professional marketer.

Professional internet marketers are measuring their results, are split testing their ads, their ppc, their cpa and they are optimizing their blog for success.

Matt  Lloyd and Jonathan Budds Approach to Free Traffic

Yesterday l saw a very revealing seminar recording from Jonathan Budds and Matt Lloyd. l think everybody knows who is Jonathan Budd! If not let me tell you. Is one of the most well-known network marketers on planet earth. In fact, it’s almost impossible to research an MLM opportunity without running into either his name or a few of his ads. He started off as a measly broke kid in Network Marketing a few years back, and he was living in a spare room at his parent’s house and building his business from the kitchen. Within a couple of years, he was earning over a million dollars a year, and getting more leads than 99% of everyone in the network marketing profession.

Some of the products and systems he created are:

1. The 7 Figure Networker System

2. The Online MLM Secrets Mastery

3. The Top Producer Formula

4. The Mastermind Mentoring, Coaching, And Training Transformation Program

So, in terms of traffic, he is a master of traffic, a wizard of internet marketing and new leads creation. Matt Lloyd is one of the best internet marketers who manages and runs all the paid media advertising campaigns of Jonathan Budd. His seminar title was The real Truth About Traffic and it was one of the best seminars about internet marketing l ever seen.

Here it is what l learned. l like bulletin points, are very educational and easy to read.

1. You have to build the blog structure properly  first and then drive traffic. Imagine a marketing funnel that is working and looses money  and a marketing funnel that is working and making money.

A marketing funnel is like a vending machine. If it is broken, you put in 2$ and you take 1.80$ as a change, you put back 1.80$ and you take 1.60$, then 1.45$, and in some cycles you will be out of business. Your marketing funnels is broken, you spend 2$ for every visitor when the average visitor value is 1.80$!

Imagine having a good vending machine and in every 2$ you put in, it generates 2.20$, in every cycle you generate 10% profit! So the only thing is to scale things up! Put again 2.20$ to make 2.40$ and you marketing funnel is now producing money! That is all about internet marketing.

Do you still believe in free traffic?

2. The Wright Brothers flight machine and Samuel Langley

Do you know Samuel Langley? The US Congress offered Langley a grant of $50,000.00 (over $1 million in todays dollars) to build an airplane with a controllable engine. A lot of the money went into developing a radial engine developing 52 horsepower with a weight of 155 kilograms. Those were rare performance for the era. On October 7th 1903, the airplane was ready for a test flight with a pilot. The airplane was catapulted, but nosed dive immediately into the river without harm to pilot and machine. The structure had failed due to the stress sustained on takeoff, and also due to the powerful engine.

Nine days after Langley’s spectacular failure, a sturdy, well-designed craft, costing about $1000, struggled into the air in Kitty Hawk, becoming the first air craft to fly with man at the controls…The Wright Brothers craft! What did they do differently?

The Wright Brothers focussed entirely on aircraft design-NOT the engine. In 4 years, built 47 different prototypes, many of which would crash into pieces.Once and ONLY once they had designed an aircraft that could glide, they had the engine built. The Wright Brothers went on to have a lot of recognition and admiration for their achievement. No one has ever heard of Langley.

What i want to say with that story, is Pay Per Click advertising is like an engine, and the traffic it can send you is like the power of that engine and it‟s a powerful engine.

Your money  blog is like the airplane structure. Depending on how well it’s designed, it will either fly well or half fly, or crash and burn.

There is no such thing as FREE traffic. All traffic has a cost: time or money.

3. Traffic Value.

Traffic value is not the same always, only targeted traffic make sense to our mony website. There are to main factors:

Volume of traffic. volume of traffic is always good for a blog in terms of monetization if the monetization method is advertising. But make no sense if we are selling french books and we drive traffic from India!

Quality of traffic. Traffic quality means that the visitors are coming here to buy. They searched in the search engines with their credit card in hand for something they want to buy and they came to our site. They have higher responsiveness that the average traffic and higher awareness of what they want that the average clueless visitor. For instance. You are selling iPhones. You have placed a keyword or a ppc advertisement of Facebook about iPhones with prices etc. Someone who wants to buy and iPhone clicks on the ad and buys from your site. Very simple. That is a good blog structure means, to make the visitor buy.

 4. Beware of Surface level split testing

If we understood the different kinds of traffic, we should realize that paid high quality and targeted traffic is better than just traffic. You blog will have a traffic attack from Nigeria, or Ghana and your stats and page views will skyrocket without having any results, you can have more than a 1000 visitors per day, while you can have only 100 visitors and the 80 would be new leads! This is one of the common mistakes an amateur makes. A professional internet marketer like Jonathan Budds and Matt Lloyd, are measuring everything, every penny they spend in Facebook ppc or other advertising medium. They split test their ads, their traffic sources etc. Even organic traffic has a cost! Affiliate traffic has a cost, customer referrals etc.

To separate what is working and what not, we need to split test and to measure whatever we make. All the marketing campaigns should be split tested and sometimes we should run 30 or more campaigns in parallel to see what is working and what not. Is that too much? Depending on the result, no, it’s not too much if you want to make money with internet you have to make your marketing funnel work. Period.

Do you still believe in the idea of free traffic?



day 33 free traffic is really free

day 33 free traffic is really free

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day 33 free traffic is really free

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day 33 free traffic is really free

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