Do l need an email campaign?

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do l need an email campaign

Do l need an email campaign?

Is a question that many website owner ask me periodically. l used to do this question when l first started my internet marketing career. The answer is because it works.

Some Data

A late 2011 survey of US small businesses found over a third using email to advertise or promote their business. Only Facebook was more popular.

51% of small businesses surveyed by Zoomerang in 2011 use email marketing. Only websites were a more popular digital marketing tool.

68% of small businesses surveyed in mid-2011   listed email as their preferred marketing channel.


Why it works

Email marketing works for a variety of reasons…

1. It allows targeting very well your leads.

2. It is data driven, You can’t lie with statistics.

3. It drives direct sales, yes, every email message has a call to action if it use the Threeway Copywriting Formula

4. It builds relationships, loyalty and trust

5. It supports sales through other channels, or cross-channel sales or cross products. This is called also and buyer repetition.


What kind of email campaign service to choose?

There are some vert well established firms on the market, the two biggest are Aweber and GetResponse. Both of them are reliable and user friendly. They also offer a variety of services such as, opt in forms, templates design and of course, tutorials and on the fly training for every level of expertise in the field of email marketing.


Tips for creating a successful campaign

1. No spamming. Some basic rules: Don’t be misleading. Your emails from and subject line must be accurate. SOmetimes l open my email and it has more than 400 emails from the outer space! DO you think l read them?

2. Create a well design, action-oriented, or time restricted email subject. Besides making the subject relevant to your target audience it is also important to instill a sense of urgency or of importance. Remember to put some attractive marketing techniques.

3. Create a good readable design. l don’t focus only in the graphics but in the professional copywriting. Write to convert.

4. Offer free value to the user. Make a serial video for a helpful subject and write some articles, an ebook or something that will bit by bit keep your audience in touch and on fire! Make them ask for more and beg to buy from you! Beware we are not spammers and the mails are not a sales pitch.

5. Use Massive Action, the more email the more leads the more the final results. Keep in mind that your email campaign must have a loop of 15-25 messages and at least 7 or more. Please design well your campaign, as it is a real marketing campaign

6. Find swipe copy articles and try to adjust them to your email campaign. remember not to be overwhelming. Each article should be no more than 700 words. Video is even better or a combination.



l personally use Aweber email marketing tool. l value all the other marketing firms, but l use Aweber.

You can start using Aweber for a trial of 30 days period right now here and risk free.


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do l need an email campaign

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