Does your internet business blog need a SWNOT analysis?

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Does your internet business blog need a SWNOT analysis?


As many bloggers, when they started their internet business blog or their affiliate blog, or their passion hobby blogging, they never had in mind they will end up professionals with thousands of dollars monthly income, thousands of daily visitors and a very loaded daily program. They never could dream that a part-time hobby would be a million dollar business and their 20 posts blog would transform to an online community with thousand of pages and users. This the result of hard work, dreaming and being persistent.

But what happens next? WHen you don’t have managerial skills enough developed for success and you need to find a new challenge or a new mission or even a new goal for your blog? Which would be the next top you need to discover?

Does your internet business blog need a SWNOT analysis?

What is a SWNOT analysis?

SWNOT analysis is the study of the current situation of the internal and external environment of your internet business blog. The Internal environment includes strengths and Weakness, while Neutrals are not to be taken into consideration. External environment includes Opportunities and Threats that you have to exploit and take precautions to avoid respectively.

Internal Environment

To give a new shift to your internet business blog, you need to write down your core strengths nad weaknesses and your blogs core strengths and weaknesses. Know yourself and your business is very important. Lack of knowledge or gaps, will cause you major problems later. Write in what field you are going well, where you are not and what is of not importance or doesn’t influence your internet business blog at all.

For instance, what are your key strengths? Market niche finding? Keyword analysis? branding? Content? monetization? optimization? Creating traffic? In what things you are letting behind or need some improvement?

Maybe you should hire a manager or syndicate with another professional blogger to overcome your weaknesses you have. Sometimes hiring a mentor will help you get your internet business blog to the next level.

External Environment

The external environment is the opportunities and threats and the neutral factors that influence your internet business blog.Maybe you can’t do many to influence your external environment but only to get better and better. However you can adjust you internet business blog to the new media age, to the social media and to get ready to exploit the new opportunities that the internet evolution and web 3.0 brings. This need proactive action for a dual reason, to be in the position to get your slice of the huge trillion web market and to avoid the risks and threats of going out of business. Going out of business or being outdated or losing you pace in of maximum importance.

What vision do you have for the future? Will you attract new customers that they want your services? Are you open to make the changed needed and whatever it takes to adjust? Moreover, you must think what you have done in the past to succeed, get power and courage from the previous victories and build you new empire. Don’t trade your passion for glory!

As a conclusion, the SWNOT analysis is to keep as up tp date with the new market trends and not to make us forget our passion and lose our orientation.  If you need mentoring or coaching, please have a look in my personal empowerment network circle.

does your internet business blog need a swnot analysis

does your internet business blog need a swnot analysis

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does your internet business blog need a swnot analysis

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