Is ViSalus A Scam?

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Is ViSalus A Scam?

How can its rapid expansion  explained if it not a pyramid scheme? Is Visalus a legit network marketing opportunity?

ViSalus  Overview

ViSalus is a multilevel marketing company headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices in Troy Michigan. ViSalus, a subsidiary of Blyth, Inc., markets weight management nutritional products, dietary supplements, and energy drinks in the United States and Canada. The company’s primary product Vi-Shake is a meal replacement beverage which is marketed as a weight loss aid. ViSalus’ 90 day Body by Vi Challenge is a program in which participants can win prizes for purchasing products and losing weight.

ViSalus History

ViSalus Sciences was incorporated as a Troy,  in March 1997. The company was founded by Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen, who were, at the time, distributors for another multi-level marketing company called The Free Network. The Free Network went under because it provided obsolete services in long distance calling and dial-up Internet access. After The Free Network folded, Mallen and Sarnicola devoted their time to promoting ViSalus in Northern California.

In October 2008, Blyth, Inc. announced that it was acquiring ViSalus in a takeover. After the company was purchased by Blyth in 2008, it almost went bankrupt. Ryan Blair, the current CEO of Visalus, invested $1 million in the company and eventually led its turnaround to $34 million income in 2010.In September 2011, ViSalus opened up their business to Canadian residents.

ViSalus MLM model

Visalus sells its product by multi-level marketing through a network of independent distributors who pay a start-up package fee to join the company’s sales force. Distributors who qualify for commissions are compensated based on sales of products and from sales made by any distributors they recruit (i.e., the “downline”). The company’s business model has been described as a pyramid scheme, the same as any corporation. We have to add that any corporation is a pyramid, such as the government, the church etc.  The company generates revenue through products sales, distributor signup up fees which range from $49 to $999, and the sale of training and promotional materials to its distributors.

Is ViSalus A Scam?

As you can see ViSalus is a legit company that employes the mlm marketing model which is great success the last sixty years for many other mlm companies. The reason why ViSalus is a legit network marketing opportunity for everyone is its strong leadership, its transformational products and its business system. The ViSalus Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge is transformational experience and it is unique. The company has to offer a unique selling point. The leadership is tested because it is 100% in and committed to the distributor’s success.

The company has a business system and they hold international conventions with thousand of reps taking part.  It’s also offer free training and support to all the new distributors that join the company. Even if you are an mlm veteran of an mlm rookie, you can found a true business opportunity with ViSalus, real support and training and strong leadership to help you on your first steps in the industry. l definitely say that ViSalus is a very good opportunity for everyone he wants to make a new start in his life endorsing network marketing.

Before You Join ViSalus Or Any Other Opportunity

Despite the fact that ViSalus is a reliable company with a proven system, nobody guarantee to you your success. To learn how to succeed in network marketing, how to attract new leads and reps and how to avoid the pitfalls and frustration, click here to see my secret message of success in network marketing and in every business.


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is visalus a scam

is visalus a scam

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is visalus a scam

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