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Eye sight can be improved?

some people say it’s not possible through exercise . others say (including eye websites) only 15 mins exercise can improve it in just 6 months. what u say ?

l have myopia since the age of 10 and astigmatism. This caused when l was reading on the bed before sleep for many hours. On 2010. age 30, l made a PRK laser operation on the left eye, right still pending so l have a level of comparison to make. The good eye after 6 months went to 150% super-vision! The left eye is worsened in the meanwhile due to many computer hours.

Of course you can improve you eye sight not dramatically by following these two rules:

1. Rest, by going out and looking far to the landscapes.

2. Good nutrition habits, vitamins etc.

The truth is that only eye sight operation can solve the real problem. l hope, l answered somehow your question. Please let me know.



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