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Hello Folks! How is it going today? l woke early today and my thoughts and focus are on the writing of my new upcoming book. l cannot tell you more, you see conspiracies are not succesful if they are revealed prematurely. Every new a launch need its proper timing!

So today l am going to cover a very important topic, of a new company in the era of network marketing that has in a short period of time made the difference in the whole industry. This company is Organo Gold.

Organo Gold

Founded in 2008 OrGano Gold has quickly become one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in the world.

OrGano Gold was founded upon a passionate vision to create an extraordinary vehicle for the average person to reach their full Health and Wealth potential.  To that end, the introduction Ganoderma Lucidum, perhaps the most amazing botanical on Earth, serves as the cornerstone of a line of products that provide maximum customer satisfaction as well as unparalleled profit potential for representatives!



1. Mr. Bernie Chua.

Mr. Chua Built a 500,000 member direct sales organization in the Philippines.Prior company he had ownership in won Direct Sales Company of the Year award for 3 years in a row in the pacific rim (Asia) Region out of 1600 companies. Introduced the concept of “Healthier Coffee” and “Ganoderma” to North America on a mass scale. Has exclusive “Strategic Alliance” agreements with one of the largest Certified OrGanic Ganoderma producers in the world. Mr. Chua has over 10 years of CEO Direct Sales Experience and has now become the founder of OrGano Gold!

2. Holton Buggs

With a true “Rags to Riches” story, Holton Buggs, an engineer by profession with a background in sales, started his first of many businesses in 1996. After graduating from college and entering Corporate America, he quickly realized that his salary as an engineer would not afford him the lifestyle and financial independence he desired. With a goal of the American Dream, Holton retired from Corporate America at the young age of 27 to pursue his passion. Holton and his wife, Earlene, are responsible for helping thousands of people develop and realize their dreams and goals.

3. Shane Morand

Shane Morand became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a major printing firm in Ottawa, Canada at the age of 25, assisted with and helped streamline the launching of the world’s first and only North American television network dedicated to success.In addition, he has served as Vice President of the Dawn Breakers Toastmaster Club and has enjoyed the benefits of promoting and working directly with several of the industry’s high profile speakers and trainers including Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jim Rohn and Paul J. Myer, just to name a few.Shane has been introducing North America to Healthier Coffee since April of 2004 and is an OrGano Gold, Global Master distributor.


The coffee Industry

OrGano Gold’s vision is to be the fastest direct sales company to reach a billion dollars. To that end, OrGano Gold already acts with the professionalism, first class quality, and cutting edge innovation of the billion-dollar company it will soon be. Did you know that coffee is the number two traded commodity in the entire world? Number one is oil.

organo gold company review

And because Coffee is such a huge part of our lives and the lives of over 1 billion people worldwide, with Organo Gold you have a unique opportunity to profit from this 9 Billion Dollar industry.

Millions of people Drink at least one cup of Coffee or Tea every day, in fact, several studies show that people who do drink Coffee and Tea actually drink multiple cups each and every day! Some people will get in their car, drive for miles, wait in line for 20 minutes and pay over four dollars a cup for their coffee.


What is Ganoderma?

Organo Gold Coffee and Organo’s entire product line is a HEALTHIER alternative to the coffee you are currently drinking. Is a Healthier Coffee true fact? Yes! Organo Gold is a healthier coffee. Almost everyone knows that regular coffee may have some negative side effects like: jitters, upset stomach and that afternoon caffeine crash, right?

Well, how about putting a fine, fully flavored gourmet coffee, one infused with an ancient secret so highly valued that emperors and kings valued it more than gold; one of the most powerful herbs ever known to man.

A 4,000 year old secret which scientists, experts and those truly seeking a healthier life are hailing around the world as a “Miracle.”

Is called “Ganoderma Lucidum” (Also known as “Reishi”, “Lingzhi”)

Our coffee is a fine blend formulated with this ancient and powerful herb “Ganoderma”.  The result?  Something people say tastes as good, or better than their other stuff, but makes them feel terrific. Something people routinely claim gives them clearer thought and causes them to lose weight

organo gold company review

Organo Gold is THE World Wide LEADER in Gandoderma Product.  The worlds leading brand of Ganoderma Lucidum Ganoderma based Healthy Beverages & Nutraceuticals, The processing plant for our ganoderma based products is fully compliant with the USFDA Good Manufacturing Practice Standards which is the highest in the world. The processing facility includes workshops for grinding, spore cell-wall breaking, mixing and making capsules, tablets, powder, and granule products. The advanced micro- particle milling technology is applied for the spore cell-wall breaking operation.


The Income Plan

organo gold company review

You have to  market Ganoderma based products: Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate plus a full line of nutraceuticals and there’s phenomenal money in having others buy their products from you.

organo gold company review

organo gold company review

When someone else also sees this goldmine and decides that making a ton of extra money is something they’d like to do and they join your fast growing team by becoming an OG Representative with an OG Builder Pack, you, as their sponsor, you will earn a Fast Track Bonus as follows that pays you immediately up to $150.  Here are the details of how you’re paid for their purchase.

organo gold company review

This is an additional bonus that is PAID to you for each and every new representative you personally enroll with one of the above packages.  Remember, there are NO weekly or monthly limits on the amount of New OG Representatives you may personally enroll, so there is no limit to the amount of income you can receive from the OG Fast Track Bonus Program.


organo gold company review

Do you know at least 2 people who drink coffee or tea at least occasionally?

If so, then you’re also qualified to receive a weekly Dual-Team Bonus!

The Dual Team concept is derived from a structure that allows you to be eligible for income with only two personally sponsored (2) Representatives, one on your Left Side Sales Team and one on your Right Side Sales Team, allowing you to focus on developing your organization by helping others do the same.

This incredibly viral component can build your team like wildfire.  With just each person knowing and referring two people that also love coffee, imagine seeing your team grow by 2, to 4, to 8, 16, 32, 64,128,256,512,1024,2048, 4096….  Do you see the power of how this can just go crazy?

You will also receive Dual Team Bonuses from an infinite number of OG Builder Packs & 1st Time Purchases in your organization, paid up to 50% of the generated Commissionable Volume (CV).

Qualified OG Representatives will be paid 20% of the PAY LEG (weaker leg) volume to an unlimited depth in sales increments of 50PV.  Any unpaid volume will be carried forward to the next week so long as rank qualification requirements are met.

IMPORTANT: To activate and qualify your Dual Team Income Center.  Personally enroll (2) OG Representatives (or above) who generate at least 50PV each.


organo gold company review

organo gold company review

As a qualified OG representative, you’ll earn cash from this bonus on all of your team and customers reorders and “auto ship” for life! What does this mean? Think about this; when people run out of coffee, what do they do? They order more! They do it month after month after month. Automatic. In your pocket! Again, for life!

You get paid  commissions up to 9 levels and up to 5% per level. This is the heart of your lifetime residual  income and  you will receive bonuses from product orders and re-orders generated in your organization, except for OG Builder Packs and 1st Time Orders, down to nine levels deep!


organo gold company review

This part of the pay plan will put your income into high gear. Not only does OG pay you the unilevel bonus from section 4 but OG will also pay you up to 50% of the Uni-level Bonus earned by your personally sponsored OG Representatives’ Uni-level Bonus.  The more people you personally refer, OG rewards you as you build your organization. If you have 20 personally sponsored Og Reps, you get up to 50% of their section 4 unilevel bonus.


organo gold company review

As you develop Leadership within your organization, your rewards grow exponentially. When you reach the level of Saphire or above, and as you develop new Regional Consultants (and above) within your organization, you will be paid down to as many as four (4) generations of Saphire Consultant and above. In some instances, you may be paid an Infinite number of levels.


organo gold company review

Reaching for the stars has its own reward. Three percent (3%) of OrGano Gold’s Worldwide Uni-level CV will be shared by qualified Ruby Consultants, Emerald Consultants and Diamond Consultants. Shares are earned monthly, and are calculated and paid quarterly.

When you consider that the stated goal of Organo Gold is to be the largest Direct Sales Company in history with worldwide sales in the Billions, and Coffee Millionaire Program plans to make 100 millionaires in just two years there will be plenty of room at the top for YOU!


 How to get started

organo gold company review

Everything you’ve seen so far is just a bunch of “Rah Rah” and will not help you get where you want to be unless you take the first step.   There are three packages that best fits your current situation.  You have 5 choices so everyone can participate in Organo Gold.

A. Representative Registration ($49) – (No Product)  – NO boxes of Coffee

B. Marketing Associate (Bronze) Pack ($150) – 6 boxes of Coffee and Tea.Promo pack – Pays 10% Bonus on the Dual Team

C. Consultant (Silver) Pack ($450) – 15 boxes of Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate and   Neutraceuticals. Promo pack – Pays 15% Bonus on the Dual Team

D. Gold Pack ($1,245) – (Most Popular) 52 boxes of Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and Neutraceuticals. Promo pack – Pays 20% Bonus on the Dual Team!

System of Success

A strategic collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and its renowned World Learning Center.  The collaboration also includes an exclusive OG edition of the reputed millionaire-maker, “Think and Grow Rich.”

“If Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone were alive today, they would be in OrGano Gold,” –  Judith Williamson, Director of The Napoleon Hill Foundation


Final Thoughts

According to site, Organo Gold is the number one in terms of momentum direct sales company in the world. Holton Buggs is listed as number 2 in the world ranking of the best paid network marketing professionals in the world. Moreover they have a very good dual system pay plan which is one of the best in the industry.

If you want to learn more about Organo Gold, go here.

If you want to join, go here.

See you tomorrow!


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organo gold company review

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