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Superstar Marketing 2


You First Branding

Have you ever seen the newbies distributors in any mlm opportunity? For the first three months they are cheering up and down, they are clueless and they brand the company instead of branding them. This leads to failure. Why do network marketing companies love newbie affiliates? Because none of them understand the importance of You First Branding concept which is the fundamental point of Superstar Marketing.

They are all so excited about the idea of residual income, that as soon as they start their business, most spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on brochures, CDs and DVDs. These promotional tools only further brand the network marketing company and their product lines. Complete lack of Superstar Marketing, it is victim marketing.

Great for the companies, but not so great for the newbie! Here’s why. If a network marketing company runs into management problems, runs out of money, or changes their marketing plan and most do, the newbie can watch their entire business come crumbling down in a few short weeks, certainly within a few short months. They have not created themselves as a brand, so all of the power has been given away to the company. They do not control their own path and are at the mercy of the company. Have you ever been in that position? Many times companies make small changes in the compensation plan, that nobody notices. Leaders don’t care or don’t believe this will destroy their business. Anyone knows it bt nobody talks and suddenly boom! This is very detrimental experience. Very frustrating and with a big sentimental cost!

l was in a network marketing opportunity in 2002. l don’t want to name the company or the leaders, but it wasn’t opportunity anymore, because the company it has been tricky and we couldn’t make it any more. Because in Europe we have euros, they invented a system called points instead of money, as many companies do.  So the Point Value was 1.36=$1. Then l realized that the pont value went to 1.52=$1! So instead of 13.600! points to qualify you need 15.200! All the team failed through the years, they were very committed to the company, they were brain washed and all of them died using the most successful, proven network marketing system in the Universe! What an irony!

On the other hand, The Top Income Earner and the Superstar Marketing Expert does not depend on their company or product to shape their destiny. In fact, if one company goes out of business or gets bad press, it is easy for the Top Income Earner to be back up to a six-figure income in no time flat without even skipping a beat, and that is true.

Since the Top Income Earner uses the Superstar Sponsoring System on the front-end to build their database and often times offers a variety of products and services on the back-end that each create residual income, one company or one product will not have the same impact on the Top Income Earner than it will on the newbie affiliate. Over the previous weeks and months, the Top Income Earner has built a strong relationship with a whole database of affiliates in a variety of companies, so when an email goes out that says that the Top Income Earner is launching a new Company and structuring a new team, they typically have a line up of affiliates who want to work directly with them on their next launch.


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Using Personal Branding To Market Yourself

What is You first Branding?

You First Branding – is simply a term for creating a story line about where you came from and what attracted you to the MLM affiliate marketing industry. Then, start sharing your story with the world. Not necessarily your entire life story, but the basic lines. You First Branding  – is a lot like a character profile. It reveals more about who you are, what you represent and why people will want to go into business with you instead of with someone else.

Your story should typically include the following information:

1. Who you are and what you do or did

2. Why you wanted a home-based business

3. How you found this business

4. Why you ultimately decided to join

5. Don’t make your story all roses and sunshine so that no one can relate to it. People must feel related and connected to your story, so be real.

Remember that 99.41% of the people in the industry are failing, so your story needs to be something that the masses can relate to. Be honest with people about both your successes and your failures.

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P.S. I would like to thank you Darren Little, is the man who taught me first the concept of Attraction Marketing and l inspired by his book that you can take for free, MLM Affiliate Magic! Thank you Darren!

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